Zhongjia Sun 

Zhongjia Sun

is a photographer who graduated at Parsons School of Design. She currently living and working between New York City and Shanghai. She is creating images that subvert the language of still life photography as it is used in consumer culture. Drawing on the language of advertising and fashion, her images provide a delightfully humorous take on her subjects. Her work is full of unexpected material combinations, representational twists, and quirky object associations that combine to create a witty visuality. She aims to capture viewer’s imagination, engage their criticality and question their underlying assumptions of the everyday. Her work has been published and exhibited both locally and internationally.


Vogue China
Vogue Me 
Numéro China
Marie Claire China
L’officiel China
Bazaar Men China
Elle Men China
Modern Weekly China
Vision Magazine
Wonderland Magazine
Bloomberg Businessweek
Ordinary Magazine


La Mer
Estée Lauder
Yuesai 羽西



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